This year has been important for our Residential Aged Care services in many ways providing opportunities to reflect, grow and challenge ourselves as we stamp our identity and presence in the Jewish community as a leading provider of Residential Aged Care services. In striving to provide the highest standards of care and to assure our elders that they are supported to live a fully independent and meaningful life here at Jewish Care, we embarked on a journey of transformations across our models of supports, services, amenities, infrastructure and our product offering.

“Growing. For our Community.” capital campaign was launched in 2014 with a commitment of $200 million to develop six new facilities in 10 years. As part of this once-in-a-generation project, we were delighted to announce the opening of the Hannah & Daryl Cohen Family Building located in the Holckner Family Senior Living & Community Precinct in April this year.

Ninety-six elders were moved into their new luxurious homes built on the Hand-in-Hand™ model of supports, encouraging them to become active participants in their supports taking into consideration clinical, cultural and conversational requirements. The three-tiered accommodation offering; Traditional, Classic and Choice, provided further flexibility enabling our elders to choose the most appropriate environment befitting their lifestyles. The new home features five-star amenities, winter gardens, open courtyards, ergonomically designed private ensuites, accessible kitchens, cinematic entertainment in their rooms and an opulent theatre; all within the nine-storey Hannah & Daryl Cohen Family Building. Most importantly, our elders are supported and looked after by a dedicated team of staff trained on Jewish Care’s very own, person-centred, Hand-in-Hand™ model of supports enabling greater independence, social connectivity and flexibility.

As part of our transformation to delivering three integrated senior living precincts, Gary Smorgon House went through a substantial upgrade to offer an augmented experience to our elders and families. Through the addition of the Anne & Eric Smorgon Active Living Centre, common spaces on Level 1 were made larger with expandable walls, dining and lounge rooms were refurbished with contemporary seating and fittings, the cafe and salon were redesigned and the shule was transformed to a larger purpose-built space to accommodate elders, their families and others from the community during Jewish festivals and celebrations.

Continuing to integrate our new approach to support as our community increases its footprint, we expanded our services in Carnegie with the development of a new senior living precinct. We thank our longstanding supporters, the Smorgon family, including Samuel AO and Minnie Smorgon, Graham and Annette Smorgon, Barbara and Barry Landau and Marilyn and Barry Braun, for their generosity and continuity, through which we are able to provide safe and quality supports to our elders living in the south-eastern suburbs. The Smorgon Family Building located in the Carnegie Senior Living Precinct is a brand new purpose-built 120-bed facility built around the Hand-in-Hand™ model of supports and offers a three-tiered accommodation option.

Engaging with our elders  

Unique to Jewish Care and integrated into our new accommodation and services is the Hand-in-Hand™ model of supports that enables independence, dignity and wellbeing delivered truly personalised care. Hand-in-Hand™ acknowledges the diverse preferences of our elders, supporting healthy ageing and caters to their individual needs as they change over time.

In our small ‘family’ household environment, our dedicated and trained staff will always be nearby to provide personal care and daily supports and to encourage involvement in social and leisure activities. The consistency of staff will help to build strong, trusted relationships that ensure familiarity.

With Hand-in-Hand™, our elders can continue to do the things they want and are able to do with the confidence that support is always nearby, if it is needed. Each household has its own lounge, dining room, kitchen, laundry and recreational spaces, promoting inclusion and engagement. They can also experience greater independence over their daily life and routines, continuing to express their individuality and receive personalised care.

The three-tier accommodation setting; Traditional, Classic and Choice, will offer further opportunities to exercise choice and control over their environment complementing their lifestyles.

We have also made changes to our operating and on boarding processes and service delivery to facilitate a faster and more convenient pathway to residential aged care and streamlined the enquiry process for easy navigation.